May 14 2018

EDTalks Re-Cap

Panelists on stage at the latest EDTalk at Icehouse.

Our 2017-18 EDTalks series, which just concluded in April, featured four lively conversations around themes of diversity, equity and well-being. In partnership with The Citizen's League, Pollen Midwest and Indigo Education, we brought together eight engaging speakers and over 500 community members to learn, laugh and connect on issues impacting education and our young people.

Our audience surveys were highly positive, and respondents said they were likely to take action after attending EDTalks. Here are some survey highlights:

  • Attendees gave EDTalks an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • 88% said they felt more informed about public education.
  • Attendees said they were interested in taking these actions as the result of EDTalks:
    • Have a conversation about what they learned with a colleague or family member: 80%
    • Learn more about topics discussed at EDTalks: 67%
    • Advocate for policies that strengthen public education: 66%
    • Vote in a school board election: 49%
    • Volunteer at their local school or an education organization: 33%
    • Attend a school board meeting: 28%

If you missed any of last season’s EDTalks, you can watch them online (or below) or download the podcasts through SoundCloud. And if you’re eager for more, stay tuned for news on our 2018-19 series, which will be announced this summer!

Our tremendous thanks to our EDTalks audience, our program partners, and our generous funders, including Bush Foundation and Verne C. Johnson Foundation.

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