April 29 2019

Community leaders shadow MPS principals on Principal Partner Day

Washburn principal and partner
Principal Partner Day group photo


Principal Partner Day is an inspiring annual event that offers a rare glimpse into the day-to-day life of MPS principals. Co-sponsored by AchieveMpls and MPS, 20 local leaders recently spent a morning shadowing their principal partners at their elementary, middle or high schools and learning first-hand about the challenges and joys of school leadership and the issues confronting our schools and students.  

Thanks to our community leaders and principals who participated this year. See some photos from the day on Facebook. For more information, contact Jennifer Valley.

Here's what our Principal Principal Partner Day participants say about their experience:

“The wrap around services that were provided for the kids were amazing. The principal did a great job of understanding the cultural differences that could cause a child to fall through the cracks and fall behind. Amazing!”

“I was astounded and delighted to witness first-hand that this principal knew every student by name AND details about their family. Walking down the halls and in classrooms, students sought out the opportunity to connect with this principal. I watched students intentionally change their path to ensure they connected with him. It was truly uplifting and inspiring to experience the genuine care and commitment for each other in this school. It felt like a peek inside a loving family.”

“I found it emotionally hard and uncomfortable to hear about some of the hardships the kids face and also see how difficult a job the teachers have. It was uncomfortable but absolutely valuable.”

“This opportunity was a powerful experience that I learned a great deal from. Not just a look inside an MPS school but also about leadership, culture and climate, and what amazing people principals are. I challenge any CEO to step into those shoes and make it through even one day. My word for this day was INSPIRED!”