September 12 2017

We Stand with the Dreamers

Danielle Grant, AchieveMpls President and CEO

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We are deeply troubled by the recent White House announcement that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be annulled, with the expectation that Congress will consider similar legislation in coming months.

At AchieveMpls, our vision is that all of our young people have full access to educational and career opportunities, resulting in a more equitable and vibrant Minneapolis. We believe that our schools, our community and our country are all stronger because of their rich diversity and the contributions of immigrants from all over the world.

We join many other education organizations in standing with the 800,000 young Dreamers who are proud to call America their home. DACA has changed thousands of lives, allowing young people to pursue their learning and life goals and launch careers. In their desire to achieve and give back to their communities, they represent what is best about our state and our nation.

We ask you to join us in calling upon our elected officials to keep alive the promise of opportunity and to do what is right for these young people by providing a permanent solution that allows them to continue studying, working and contributing to our common good.