Step Up Level 2 Job Description Form 2021

Thank you for your commitment to Step Up and Minneapolis youth. Please complete one form for each distinct position.

If you have additional questions about this form or Step Up in general, please contact Ashley Grell at

This is the address of the specific location where the interns will work. If remote, write N/A
List any materials your intern could use during their internship (computer, hotspots, etc)
If yes, skip to the "Job Information" section
Who will mentor the intern during the employment period (if not supervisor)?
This title should appeal to an intern and reflect job responsibilities. Do not use "Step Up Intern"
Step Up Level 2 Interns are 16-21 years old. Most interns are age 16 or 17.
This description will be sent directly to your intern candidate, so please be clear and review your spelling and formatting.
Step Up Level 2 Interns are paid at least $14.25/hour
Step Up requires at least 15 hours per week but recommends 20-30, with a max of 40 hours per week
Please be as specific as possible.
How many identical positions in total - including supervisor and hours. If only 1, write 1.

Finding the Right Match for the Position

For each question, please select the answer that best describes your workplace. We will do our best to match the best intern for the job description and workplace.

Check the level that is absolutely necessary for your intern.
Check the level that is absolutely necessary for your intern
Step Up will do their best to honor these requests, but cannot guarantee.
Step Up will do its best to accommodate these requests.

Step Up Expectations and Commitments

As a Step Up supervisor, I understand and commit to the following:

Our tiered orientation ensures that you will learn new information even if you've attended before

In turn, Step Up commits to the following:

We will provide your intern with a nine-hour work readiness training certified by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber, which teaches workplace and professionalism basic skills.

We will utilize our 19 years of experience and over 28,000 prior internships to make a high-quality match between your job description and a student candidate.

We will provide a job coach from our staff who will respond to any questions or concerns you have during the internship period within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

We will offer a tailored supervisor orientation with new content to guide you in best practices for supervising youth interns and creating high-quality internships.

We will equip you with electronic document templates to help you achieve success with your intern.