MPS Staff: Access Your School Fund

Here's information on how you can deposit donations and request payments from your MPS fund. 

Franklin Middle School

Make a deposit to your fund

  • Please send checks to AchieveMpls via US or school mail.
  • Cash must be brought to the AchieveMpls office in person.
  • Donors can also make an on-line gift to a MPS fund or donate gifts of stock.

Our address is AchieveMpls, 2829 University Avenue SE, Suite 850, Minneapolis, MN 55414. For more information, contact Gina Rysdon at 612-455-1557.

access MPS school fund documents

Access your fund


Complete required documentation

AchieveMpls adheres to MPS internal financial procedures and requires signatures on fund request forms,

Download a fund request form.


Gather required signatures

  • Person requesting the check
  • Principal approval
  • Finance clerk approval

Submit to MPS Finance Department for approval

Scan and email the completed Fund Request Form (and all additional documents) to Kimberly Lieb, MPS Finance Department Budget/Finance Specialist.


MPS sends approval to AchieveMpls

AchieveMpls will receive and process the request. Processing will be delayed if the form is received without necessary documentation or MPS approval.



For more information or to check your fund balance, contact Gina Rysdon at 612-455-1557. 

MPS fund documents

Overview of MPS Funds at AchieveMpls

AchieveMpls manages over 100 dedicated funds for MPS departments, schools and programs. 

MPS Fund Request Form

Use this form to request fund payments or reimbursements. 

MPS Fund Deposit Form

Use this form for deposits to your fund.  

MPS Fund Contact Info

Use this form to identify your main contact(s) for your MPS fund.