Step Up Mock Interviews

On March 18-21, join hundreds of local volunteers to provide feedback and encouragement to Step Up interns

Volunteer via our events calendar for one or more nights

STEP-UP Mock Interviews

Help Step Up interns practice job interview skills

Come get inspired! On the evenings of March 18-21, 400 local professionals will gather at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the annual Step Up Mock Interviews with interns who have just completed their work readiness training.

Over the course of 90 minutes you'll interview 3-5 interns one-on-one and provide helpful feedback for improving their presentation and communication skills. For many young people, this is their first job interview experience - and you'll help them gain the confidence they need to prepare for summer internships and future careers. This is a great opportunity for individuals and company or organization teams.

Volunteer for one or more nights.

How to Participate


Register to volunteer

Sign up to participate for one or more evenings of mock interviews. Registration is available through the events calendar.


Mark Your Calendar

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with info on time, location and other details. 


Arrive at the Mpls Convention Center

Arrive early so you can find our conference room and check in at the volunteer registration table. 


Get Oriented

After you arrive, you will receive a short orientation, sample interview questions and feedback form.


Interview Amazing Interns

You'll interview 3-5 interns face-to-face over a 90-minute period and provide feedback and encouragement. 



Contact Katie Rehani at 612-455-1561 for more information.  

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STEP-UP mock interview volunteer and intern
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Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews
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STEP-UP mock interview volunteer and intern
STEP-UP mock interview volunteer and intern
STEP-UP mock interview volunteer and intern